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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Birthday Party Surprises

Date of occurrence:
June 17, 2018.

Today is also our youngest daughter's Birthday. The kids are excited to give her all the presents they made and it is a good thing they are going to church first. That gives them something to focus on and divert their mind.

When they get back from service, they bring lunch with them. We all enjoy the tacos Opa chose for his Father's Day lunch and wait for our youngest daughter to arrive.

She arrives shortly after, but without Lily and Bella. Both girls are spending the day with their Dad to celebrate his special day.

The children are champing at the bit to get their Mom's gifts. As soon as I give them the green light they run off and quickly return carrying all their handiwork.

Their Mom admires their cards, loves the bracelets, necklaces and mug, is tickled pink with the small table, and very touched by the photo and picture frame.

She has a surprise for the children as well. She brought them new swimsuits and has them change into them, because a swimming trip is on the agenda.

After a little while they are off to cooling waters and sand filled fun.

It was a great day for everyone.

A day filled with surprises!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Happy Father's Day

Date of occurrence:
June 17, 2018.

The children are up early and I gather them around.
Me: "Hey, guys. It is Father's Day today. Y'all better get Opa's presents."
Emmaly, in surprise: "It's today??? Oh, let's get the presents!"

They disappear in Kc's bedroom where they hid the gifts.

They are back in no time and we all go into the office to surprise Opa.

A 'Happy Father's Day' fills the air.

Opa is so happy with all the cards the kids fabricated and loves the birdhouse and the small painting they made.

Well done, kids. You made Opa's day!

Monday, July 9, 2018

What A Pretty Picture

Date of occurrence:
June 16, 2018.

Since tomorrow is not only Father's Day, but also our youngest daughter's Birthday, we decide to take a picture of the kids and put it in our hand-crafted picture frame.

It takes a while before I get all the kids lined up and in the right position.

It takes even more effort to get them all to smile without making weird faces. Grin.

We finally get it done though.

As soon as the photo is printed out, it finds it's way into the frame.

Emmaly has a question though.

Emmaly: "Why don't we take a picture with Bella and Lily in it too?"
Me: "Because she sees Bella and Lily every day, but not the three of you."

Emmaly ponders on that and satisfied with the answer she says: "Yeah. That's true. Okay, I get it."

The presents are now all finished and ready to go.

So are the children. They can't wait to get back to playing. That's fine. I got the picture I needed.

And what a pretty picture it is!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Coming Home

Date of occurrence:
June 16, 2018.

Kc is coming home from Boy Scout Summer camp this morning and we are eagerly awaiting his return. They get back on time and we have to wait a few minutes for the trailer, which carries the scouts gear, to arrive.

Kc looks so grown up, but he is also very tired. He had fun though and finished several merit badges while at camp, as well as what they call the 'Rawhide' program.

He is wearing four shirts.

He says he didn't want to change if he got wet.

All he would have to do is take of the wet shirt and have a dry one underneath.

We laugh, because it doesn't really work that way.

Kc just grins.

When we get home I open his footlocker to get his gear out. A very pungent smell greets me. Dirty, wet clothes smell up the place and quickly find their way to the washer.

After inspecting what he brought back, we assess the damage: he lost both towels, the lock to his footlocker fell between the floor boards in his tent and couldn't be recovered, and he left his rain jacket behind.

The latter is a substantial loss, but all in all we are surprised he returned with almost everything he took with him.

All that is left to do now is ensuring our little man gets cleaned up. He only took one shower this entire week and he desperately needs one.

As soon as Kc is finished, he, Emmaly and Leo disappear in the front bedroom and play games. He had a good time this week, but is also happy to be back.

And we are happy to have him back!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Poor Donkey

Date of occurrence:
June 14, 2018.

We finished supper and are watching TV. Commercials come on and Opa looks at Leo, who is sitting across from him.

Leo: "What?"
Opa starts talking gibberish and both Leo and Emmaly have a puzzled look on their faces. As Opa continues, they figure out he is making fun and Leo immediately pitches in. They have a very lively dialogue and Leo even throws in both hands.

After a little while, Opa says: "And now I will teach you to talk like an Indian (Native American)."
Leo is down with that and pays close attention.

Opa, in a low voice: "Many moons ago, buffalo came. Moon passes and buffalo go. Now we smoke peace pipe."
Opa folds his arms and sternly looks at Leo.
Leo folds his arms too, gives Opa a serious look back and says: "Now, we burn donkey."

Emmaly and I laugh out loud and even Opa breaks character. It's too funny and we have no clue where that came from.

I have a slight suspicion though. Since Leo is always hungry, he would eat a horse if we let him. I suppose, after a substantial supper, he won't be able to stomach a horse anymore.

But a donkey will do! Grin.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Card Factory

Date of occurrence:
June 14, 2018.

Emmaly and Leo want to make greeting cards for their Mom's Birthday and Opa's Father's Day. I am down with that and let them choose what media they want to use.

Their choice falls on crayons and paint. I provide them with the needed paper and they go to work.

Emmaly cranks out the first one pretty quick. Leo is more meticulous and spends quite some time on his first card.

After a little while, Emmaly is done. Leo is still working on his first card and decides to finish the other one tomorrow. That's fine. We got plenty of time.

I take a look at the finished products and am impressed. They both did an excellent job. We ought to put their creativity to more use.

We may start a card factory! Grin.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Weird Dream

Date of occurrence:
June 14, 2018.

Emmaly wakes up early.

She comes in the kitchen, stands beside me and says: "I had the weirdest dream. Really, it was the weirdest, weirdest dream, Oma."

Me: "Well, tell me about it."

Emmaly: "Me and some of my friends got sucked into this book and we had to fight a monster. One of my other friends, she got sucked into the book as well. She was fighting the monster too and she was the only one left. She had just one wish left and she wished everything would go back to how it was."

Me: "And did it?"
Emmaly: "Yes. It all turned back to normal."

That was a weird dream. I knew Emmaly had read a book before she went to bed last night and since she has a very lively imagination...

It sucked her in!

Friday, June 22, 2018


Date of occurrence:
June 13, 2018.

Leo and I are going to pull up the garbage can. As we step outside, I see something laying in the back of the yard. I think it is a branch, but I can't make it out.

Me: "Leo, what is that in the back of the yard? Is that a branch?"
Leo: "I don't know. Everything in the back is blurry to me."
Me: "It is blurry? Do you need glasses?"
Leo: "Yes. We are getting glasses for me after vacation."

I ask him if he has trouble reading as well and he confirms he does.

That may explain why he doesn't like to read.

He already knows what kind of glasses he is going to get.

They will be blue, since that is his favorite color.

I am sorry to hear he needs an extra pair of eyes, but I am thankful they found out and something will be done about it.

He will be able to see clearly again!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tool Tuesday

Date of occurrence:
June 12, 2018.

It was 'Manufacturing Monday' yesterday. That meant Emmaly and Leo sat down and strung beads into necklaces and bracelets to give to their Mom this Sunday for her Birthday.

They did a good job and the presents are already wrapped and ready to go. That doesn't mean the kids are finished. They have one more project to complete.

The birdhouse they are giving to Opa on Father's Day is on the agenda for this morning.

So, today it is Tool Tuesday.

We take out the necessary tools, read the instructions and start the assembly.

It's not as easy a job as the box suggests, but we get it done.

I wonder what tomorrow will be.

Oh, I know.

Wondering Wednesday!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Staying Over

Date of occurrence:
June 10, 2018.

Leo and Emmaly will be staying with us for the entire week.

The first order of business is catching up on what has been going on in their lives. They both are promoted to the next grade and tell us about their new baby brother who was born around Easter.

Aunt A. is coming over and provides lunch.

After filling our tummies, we all sit down and watch a captivating movie.

As soon as the movie is finished, the kids are eager to go and play.

Emmaly is thrilled to find all her toys waiting for her and Leo is happy to test Kc's Xbox.

Aunt A. on the other hand has different plans and takes advantage of the kids being here.

She goes shopping with them to find presents for their Mom's Birthday and Father's Day, which fall on the same Sunday this year.

The day passes quick and after supper both Emmaly and Leo retreat to their bedrooms to play. At least, that was the intention. Leo sticks to his plan and Emmaly would have.

If Mr. Sandman hadn't come knocking on her door!

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