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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good Morning!!!

Date of occurrence:
October 10, 2008.
Kc is 20 months and Leo is over 8 months old.

Slowly but surely, things seem to be calming down. Problems we came across are being solved and the grand babies are settling in.

It is getting used to, having a full house. There is hardly any moment of silence, except for the night. Even that is not always the case though. Sometimes, one of the grand boys decides to test their lungs, but those occasions are rare and far in between.

I love the mornings. It is so cute. We are always up in the wee hours. Sitting in the office, all of a sudden we hear the pitter-patter of little bare feet on the floor. A rattle at the door and as soon as it opens, we hear a loud, exciting little voice say :"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"!

What a better beginning of the morning can one think of, then staring in our oldest grand son's grinning face, his pacifier still in his mouth and a spark of joy and mischief in his eyes.

I can. Both of our little critters doing that, hehe.


Blogger audrey` said...

This blog is full of wonderful surprises. The timers are so useful at the top of the blog. The photos are a real treat =)

22/3/09 1:03 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

Awww thanks. :-)
I try my best to keep it a treat, hehe. Well..., the boys do with all their actions. grin.


God's Grace.

22/3/09 4:39 AM  

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