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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Without Eyes Closed

Date of occurrence:
January 19, 2017.

Kc loves tying knots in the morning while we are waiting for the bell to ring telling us it is time for school.

This morning he is on a roll. He races Opa to see who can tie a knot the fastest and beats him a couple of times. He can even tie several knots with his eyes closed and behind his back.

He is trying a different knot and all of a sudden, all excited, he says: "I tied a knot real fast and I did it without my eyes closed!"

Opa: "Without your eyes closed, huh? Now try it with your eyes closed."
Kc: "That's what I just did."
Opa: "Without your eyes closed or with your eyes closed?"
Kc realizes what he just said and we all laugh about his mistake.

I still smile about it while I am jotting this down.

Without my eyes closed! Grin.


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