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Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Trophy For A Hero

Date of occurrence:
August 23, 2017.

We have one more cub scout elective to go and than we have done them all. This one is called 'Build My Own Hero'. Kc has chosen his aunt A. as his hero and would like to award her with a 'My Hero' trophy.

He really appreciates her putting in the time and effort to always go on the scout camping trips and outings, taking him to church, and all the other things she does for him.

We gather up some materials and paint and in no time we have an idea of what it should look like.

The assembly is done pretty quick and we finish painting. After letting it dry thoroughly, we glue on the base, plaque, and top sign.

The trophy is finished and Kc is very happy with the results. All that is left to do is presenting it to aunt A. That will have to wait a few days, because she is out of town. That's too bad, but...

A hero's work is never done!


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