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Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Tetherball Accident

Date of occurrence:
October 21, 2017.

Kc is at Family/Halloween Cub Scout camp. They are looking forward to getting dressed up and go trick or treating.

After having pitched their tents, the boys and some of their sisters bide their time by playing tetherball.

That doesn't work out so well. One of the girls hits the ball hard and... the ball hits Kc right in the face.

The result is a bloody nose and some scratches on his face. It is quickly taken care of though. He is alright and doesn't let that accident/incident stop him.

Finally the time arrives to dress up. Kc wanted to be Harry Potter this year. We found a cape and he had whittled himself a wand.

They had a blast and raked in lots of candy.

As far as the Harry Potter scar on his forehead is concerned...

Aunt A. artificially added it to the recently acquired ones! :-)


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