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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Parading Along

Date of occurrence:
December 10, 2016.

It is cold. Bitter cold. That is not going to stop the scouts from marching in the local Christmas parade.

Kc is dressed in several layers of clothing and is just an inch shy of looking like a little Michelin man. He is warm though and ready to go.

He is not the only one.

Lily is all dressed up to withstand the cold as well and more then ready to see her big brother in the hopes he will throw her some goodies.

The parade starts at 1 pm, but we have to assemble at the starting point two hours earlier. Those two hours fly by.

The boys keep themselves busy with games, eating pizza, and building tents in the cars.

Right before the parade begins, Opa and I make our way to the finish where we will pick up our little man.

About an hour later they turn into the parking space.

Kc had a great time.

He got to carry the flag for a while and also a rifle, even though it was fake, from the Color Guard.

He even gave his Mom a run for her money trying to take pictures of him as he and his pack passed by.

While I am writing this post, the memory of our little man watching a Christmas parade pops up. Now, several years later, he is participating in one. He has come a long way for sure.

Yeah, he is parading along!


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