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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Present

Date of occurrence:
Almost every time little Kc is here and we go outside, 2011.

It is so endearing watching the little guy roam around the yard and stop at the wild flowers which sprung up everywhere. He has no clue I can hear him and I can't help, but smile, overhearing the following conversation he has with himself when he picks a flower:

"Oooh, Oma is going to be sooooo happy. Oma is going to be SO happy"!
After picking it, he comes walking up to me, hiding the flower behind his back.

"Oma, I got you a present".
"You do? Awww, that is so sweet. What did you get me"?

He holds up the flower and the cutest smile appears on his face. I could just eat him up when he tells me that this flower is for me.

Seeing how happy he made me by bringing me a flower, prods him to find more and within no time I end up with a bunch which we put in a small vase in the kitchen.

Yup, the little guy remembers what brings joy to people and when possible, he tries to give it to them. He doesn't know yet that he is one of the greatest joys of all! :-)


Blogger Pia said...

that is just soooo cute! so sweet!

thanks for the visit. btw, if you have skype, my skype id is pia.olano.

maybe we can chat... =)

3/5/11 10:00 AM  
Blogger Corry said...

Yeah, he is really sweet. :-)

We don't have skype, but we will give you a call soon. You and yours are in our prayers!


God's Grace.

4/5/11 6:40 AM  

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