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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Opa Fixed It

Date of occurrence:
June 19, 2017.

We are having Isabella and Emmaly over this week. They get here early in the morning and leave in the late afternoon. They play almost all day and watch some TV.

We make sure they have supper before they are being picked up and as I am fixing our meal, Bell comes into the kitchen. She is wearing a dress and one of the buttons on the side came loose.

Bell: "Oma? Can you fix my dress?"
Me: "I can't right now, because my hands are all sticky. Ask Opa. I am sure he can button up your dress."

She turns, steps into the office and asks: "Opa? Can you fix my dress?"
Opa: "Can I fix your dress? Well, I most certainly can."

Her dress is buttoned up in no time and as Bell comes out of the office she excitingly says: "Opa fixed it!"

Both Opa and I laugh about her enthusiasm.

Yes, Opa fixed it. Good job, Opa!


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